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Tweets for 2010-11-30

it’s cold outside 12:34 RT @daveweigel: There’s never a good week, bro. RT @Atrios: guess i picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue 18:03 I’m reading a blog post about John Lennon by someone born after he was shot. Damn I feel old 20:22

Tweets for 2010-11-29

RT @caaarlo: RT @carlmartin: RT @nathanawilliams: New acronyms: RODI Apps – run once, delete immediately, or ROTF run once, then forget. 21:39 Long essay about William Eggleston — haven’t read it all yet #photog 22:10

Tweets for 2010-11-28

lighting course (@ Folkuniversitetet Stockholm) 08:59

Tweets for 2010-11-27

I just unlocked the “Photogenic” badge on @foursquare! 15:32 When’s a hundred not a hundred? When it’s 120! 22:12

Tweets for 2010-11-26

Ireland – not as modern as you might think [NYRB review] 09:45

Tweets for 2010-11-25

RT @osfameron: RT @pozorvlak: IAE admits Peak Conventional Oil has already happened: 10:22 Looking at graphing calculators for Leo — it’s as nothing’s happened since the mid-90s. Nice little protected niche there #fb 18:24 Dropbox drops it like it’s hot. 21:33 > STORIES2 > 5 > ANGOLA PRISON RODEO #fb 22:08 Hey […]

Tweets for 2010-11-24

input devices 16:39

Tweets for 2010-11-23

Remember kids, going too far in any direction can be bad for you! 10:50 A nice introduction to the Hijri calendar 11:18 wow, the word “shelling” is so 20th cen, dontcha think? “Drone strike” or “cruise missiles” are more au courant #nork 15:13 OK lat-webben, när kan man köpa iPad i Sverige? Kollade […]

Tweets for 2010-11-22

Björn 18:34

Tweets for 2010-11-21

Pantone mugs, way too expensive 12:55 Mycket intressant om socialdemokraternas möjliga framtid: #svepol #fb 18:14 Latest vegetarian talking point: meat is a major greenhouse gas source. Maybe it’ll work, who knows? 18:27 Explosion of Cold! 19:16 commercial for Sony NEX-5 on the TV, “create soft background” one of the selling points #translation […]