Tweets for 2010-11-10

  • I hate my work computer with the heat of a thousand suns. What a piece of utter fucking crap it is 07:18
  • The future with self-driving cars 08:16
  • on the way to the dentist (@ Sickla Kaj – tvärbana) 08:28
  • väntar på min tid hos tandläkare Jörgen Brandell (@ Gubbängstandläkarna) 09:05
  • Waiting for the customer to join the Webex meeting 13:32
  • sick of looking up my work phone numbers when asked, so I’ve added them to my desktop background #nerd #badmemory 15:00
  • Gillar att Telenor gör reklam för att vara asocial pucko #fb 19:42
  • RT @5tu: Still a lot of fans of the old-school RT out there I see. 19:44
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