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Tweets for 2011-01-30

just read R. Crumb’s “Genesis” – a powerful work! 09:35 Just posted a photo @ Bistro Voltaire 12:34

Tweets for 2011-01-29

The New Yorker on Egyptian politics in 2004 – not a good view to the future – 14:56 SVG graphic showing #Linux distributions: – it’s almost one distro per user! 15:29

Tweets for 2011-01-28

Never launch ships, start a voyage, or reinstall Windows on a Friday 14:28 WTF is this #browserchoice bullshit? I’ve already installed Chrome, stop fucking bothering me. This is all that’s wrong with the stupid EU 18:17 somehow I can’t login to #Stackexchange using my #Wordpress OpenID. Question about it here, but no way to […]

Tweets for 2011-01-27

Best headline so far today: “Mexican drug smugglers catapult weed over border fence into US” – Boing Boing 05:50 I can’t really use iTunes while my HDD is trashed so I’m manipulating playlists with cat and grep #nerd 10:21 Colin Pantall’s blog: The thoughts of Kim Jong Phil #art #taking-the-piss #fb 10:31 RT […]

Tweets for 2011-01-26

#Skeptoid on #Scientology, this ought to be good 10:04 Strange Maps – Monumental Drift: Europe’s Many Midpoints #fb 12:22 Banhof: “Vi routar runt Datalagringsdirektivet” – BRA! Önskar jag fortfarande hade dom som ISP #fb 12:40 List of the day: List of famous ciphertexts – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 14:02 The World […]

Tweets for 2011-01-25

new SSD disk crashed so I’m back to the crappy XP disk. It’s gonna be one of those days 08:49 I don’t have words for how pissed I am at my computer situation right now. Protip: avoid Corsair brand SSD’s, we’ve had 10 fail at work 10:21 computer issues (@ Teleopti AB) 11:36 The […]

Tweets for 2011-01-24

RT @kwasbeb: OH THE GOD DAMN IRONI RT @schori: Marcus Birros rullstolsincident var TV3-sketch – Dagens Media 20:21

Tweets for 2011-01-22

France and Africa: Ties across the Mediterranean | The Economist – via @TheEconomist 19:40

Tweets for 2011-01-21

I’ve left 3 rather catty answers and comments on photo.stackexchange that will probably rob me of what little reputation I have #grumpy 06:14 The Literary Heroism Of U.S. Grant – Ta-Nehisi Coates 09:32 RT @rsms: Ahaha… this is ironical — when @Tumblr fails and people recommend @Posterous, that service too fails: 09:44 Sarah […]

Tweets for 2011-01-20

I just ousted stefan p. as the mayor of Essingeleden on @foursquare! 07:39 Review of the Domke F-5xb, for @jedrek 12:51 Matt Bors: Afghan Life, Part Six – War is Boring 15:17