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Tweets for 2011-02-28

Mobile Opportunity: Quick Takes: Nokia’s culture, RIM’s interface, and living in the paradigm of engineers 09:28 Nyiragongo Crater: Journey to the Center of the World – The Big Picture – 19:29 Advertisements

Tweets for 2011-02-25

Facebook douche of the day – The Oatmeal 05:57 Friday ‘zas (@ Café Soir) 17:34 dear lazytweets, how do I get the RSS feed for a Twitter user nowadays? 18:37 RT @grunka: “RUP, asså vafan!” 18:43

Tweets for 2011-02-23

Cool little interview with a interpreter of Russian in NYC – Runnin’ Scared 05:46 Revolution U – Otpor, CANVAS, Burma, and the Egypt Revolution – By Tina Rosenberg | Foreign Policy 05:49

Tweets for 2011-02-22

meeting 09:10 Lovely! Hung Out to Dry: A Taxonomy of City Blocks | Strange Maps | Big Think 11:07

Tweets for 2011-02-19

RT @lmorchard: Is it just me, or is this looking like an… interesting… year for the Internet? 18:00 vafan nu blev låten *ännu* sämre #mel2011 19:20 scenshowen verkar designad av Scientologer 19:26 Lena Ph: I see what you did there… #mel2011 20:03 Rockabilly-maffian rör på sig! #mel2011 20:25 Enjoying the NYT’s “Disunion” blog – […]

Tweets for 2011-02-18

I just became the mayor of Katten Ester on @foursquare! 07:23 hi there Twitter, I’ve missed you 19:16 Varför tittar vi på På Spåret? 19:45

Tweets for 2011-02-17

RT @Moof: RT @tim_don: I managed to upload a vid of the attack – please RT #bahrain #pearlroundabout #feb14 10:18 pizza for the boys (@ Café Soir) 18:32

Tweets for 2011-02-16

I just unlocked the “Bender” badge on @foursquare! 17:36

Tweets for 2011-02-15

DN: “Dubbelt räntestraff för borättsägare” – oj vad synd om dom med miljonlån då! 21:00

Tweets for 2011-02-14

I just unlocked the “Super Mayor” badge on @foursquare! 07:58 I just ousted @lassemanlive as the mayor of Essingeleden on @foursquare! 07:58