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Tweets for 2011-03-31

I’m at Bilprovningen (Högdalen) 06:10 Virtual specie – Bitcoin FAQ – #goldbugs #nerd #crypto 10:38 More on #Bitcoin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 10:41 nice, found a copy of “Count Zero” in the company library 14:30 RT @paulmutton: False alarm over Samsung keylogger [Netcraft news] 15:06 Updating my FreeBSD server to […]

Tweets for 2011-03-30

SD enda svenska parti som inte vill bomba muslimer i Libyen. Känns lite otypiskt! 11:45 “Something’s not right” – (h/t @varjag) #fb 11:48 These panorama pics in Afghanistan are surreal and depressing – In Focus – #photog #fb 21:06

Tweets for 2011-03-29

Time to re-read “A Dance to the Music of Time” – 06:44 frugan SMSar att hela Söder om Söder är strömlöst 13:41 Fortum bekräftar: 13:42 Bra karta från Fortum om aktuella strömavbrott i Stockholm: 13:45 Berörda stadsdelar enligt #Fortum: Gröndal Hägersten Liljeholmen Midsommarkransen Reimersh St Essingen Södermalm #elfail 13:49 så hela söder […]

Tweets for 2011-03-27

RT @amendlocke: The Lovecraftsman: 6 ways to turn Cthulhu into an emoticon, starting with (;,;) 15:39 I just ousted @repi as the mayor of Faros on @foursquare! 17:11 on our way home (@ Barnängsbryggan) 18:55 Bengt Ohlsson skriver underhållande om Håkan Juholt och Oskarshamn – DN.SE #fb 19:54 found out via […]

Tweets for 2011-03-26

Man, this new solution I hacked together for reading the twitters effing rocks! Writeup coming, mebbe. Development of 13:59 Fuck yeah science – New entropy battery pulls energy from difference in salinity between fresh water and seawater 14:01 kollar ut genom fönstret över Sjöstan, inte flera lampor släckta än vanligt #earthhour #fail 19:33

Tweets for 2011-03-25

RT @isobelsverkstad: RT @Stardust_71: Stardusts blogg: Jobbjägaren – arbetslöshet som individproblem 10:05 RT @Fransstrandberg: Ska döpa minst ETT av mina barn till “Router” pga det är socialt accepterat att SLÅ på hen då den inte gör som man … 12:42 RT @MannyMann: Turns out 3DS doesn’t work if you close one eye. Guess Nintendo […]

Tweets for 2011-03-24

haha Aftonbladet ger Hanno Essén fel kön: #vof (via 08:55 The Nuclear Breakthrough That Wasn’t – Alexis Madrigal – Technology – The Atlantic 11:08 The Zone – 13:22 RT @kazarnowicz: HAHAHAHA! SLÄCK DIN PROFILBILD? HAHAHAHAHA! #slacktivism RT @the_brewery: Släck din profilbild inför EARTH HOUR! http:/ … 15:44 Känner ni stanken från […]

Tweets for 2011-03-23

I can’t believe there’s no easy built in file difference tool built into VS2010. Had to use Cygwin’s diff(1) 10:37 time to wash out the coding with some pictures 16:47 Goooo Team Venture!! 21:19 RT @beatonna: 11,000 people reblogged this aw how nice, ain’t you sweet for posting it! But you should have given […]

Tweets for 2011-03-22

The New York Times $40M paywall taken down with four lines of code 07:49 Getting back into “Zero History” after 4 Earthsea novels is hard … who *are* all these people? 20:36

Tweets for 2011-03-20

Sunday lunch (@ Faros) 12:33 Faros 12:42 I’m missing apocalyptic posts about #Fukushima, time to start freaking out about something else? 14:50 weird no one else has mentioned the Japanese Emperor’s GIANT HEAD 16:37