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Tweets for 2011-04-30

#deklarerat2011 10:03

Tweets for 2011-04-29

underbar #subrosa idag om personlig och kollektiv skuld – tack som vanligt till @gunderhaegg 07:10 Humming La Marseillaise #royalwedding 09:08 New princess is “Baroness Carrickfergus” which sounds like slang for doing unnatural things to sheep #royalwedding 14:36 Five myths about church and state in America – The Washington Post 18:31

Tweets for 2011-04-28

Wondermark: The Tinkerer’s Handbook, Page 3 (of 8) #lol 11:07 Time to att “Klout” to my twitter aggregation script’s blacklist… 13:06

Tweets for 2011-04-27

RT @Moof: DBAaaaaaargh: The horror you feel when the update query you just launched affected 26456 rows instead of the 5 you were expecting 11:17 RT @MikeDrucker: Nice try, Mr. President, but if your birth certificate was made in 1961, WHY IS IT IN PDF FORMAT?! 18:53

Tweets for 2011-04-26

I just became the mayor of Carpark Luma on @foursquare! 15:12 The “extraordinary rendition” of 15-century Spain: 15:48 just re-read one of @GreatDismal ‘s best chapters, “Cruising with Gunhead” from Virtual Light. It’s awesome 20:32

Tweets for 2011-04-25

lost my wallet but a nice lady found it! I had cancelled my cards by then but still very happy #fb 14:27 bonussonen ville vi skulle satsa pengar på #AIK seger, tur vi inte lyssnade på “rådet” #allsvenskan #fail #fb 14:40

Tweets for 2011-04-23

I’m at Tempo Gullbrandstorp (Halmstad) 11:08 I just became the mayor of Kristiansgård on @foursquare! 12:03

Tweets for 2011-04-22

time marches forward here in my parent’s cottage – we now have wifi! #fb 15:29

Tweets for 2011-04-21

RT @arrroberts: “Could it be that Stanley had become slightly detached from reality?” Brilliant. 16:57

Tweets for 2011-04-20

Katz-Eye screen succesfully installed on the D200! Now to try it out… #photog 10:50 RT @mjomark: Här är mitt svar på KTH:s reklamkampanj i tunnelbanan. 11:03 My answer to Stack Exchange Photography Q: How do I choose a title for a photograph? 12:54 RT @amendlocke: Scathing libertarian critique of #AynRand by David Ramsay […]