Tweets for 2011-04-01

  • You know what’s totally ruined April Fool’s? The Internet. 05:25
  • Vad är mer ‘leet än en Moleskine? Ständiga sekreterarens pimpade Moleskine! #fb 05:29
  • Crappy Moleskine products – softcover and Volant – The occasional scrivener – Gustaf Erikson’s weblog #fb 06:12
  • RT @kwasbeb: Jag älskar de mörka utfall av “patraskets simpla humor äcklar mig”-dissar som twittereliten idag strösslar kring sig. 13:20
  • 40min left of the workweek from Hell. The beers, they call, offering obnubilation. 13:21
  • the Swedish voice actor for Ben in “Ben 10 Ultimate Alien” is pretty damn bad #cartoonnetwork 17:05
  • I’m trying to determine is a tweet is a DM in @ttytter but not getting any help from the API docs. As in $ref->{‘user’}->{‘protected’} 17:31
  • You know you’ve been hanging on RangeFinderForum too long when you can identify a Leica M3 on sight 17:54
  • Fuck yeah Archer – funniest one in a while #pamwhuppingass 19:15
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