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Tweets for 2011-04-18

RT @aliesbati: RT @reformisten: Jimmie Åkesson hyllar världens enda öppet svenskfientliga parti: 10:47 hacking CSS demands a certain state of mind 12:23 Middle Aged Men Not Faring Well During Recession – The Daily Beast 20:28 Advertisements

Tweets for 2011-04-17

damn I got a lot done today 12:56 protip: if you set up a crontab to delete old weblog entries, make sure to exclude formatting templates and CSS files #backupswhatbackups 17:15

Tweets for 2011-04-16

I just unlocked the “#4sqDay 2011” badge on @foursquare! 11:43 FullTiltPoker kör fortfarande reklam trots att FBI har stängt ner deras sajt #fail 14:39 RT @amazingsoup: hey guess what internet:: shut up about firefly. it was almost ten years ago and it wasn’t that good. #pickingfightsont … 18:44 RT @doctorlinguist: eBay has Like buttons […]

Tweets for 2011-04-15

Mycket intressant #subrosa om utbildning och “utbildningsbubblan”. Tack @gunderhaegg för ämnet! #fb 07:07 Jared Diamond: agriculture was “the worst mistake in human history” – 11:03

Tweets for 2011-04-14

RT @mjomark: Blir så förbannad på folk som i kommentarsfält på artiklar om Slussen kallar området för en “älskad plats” osv. DET ÄR EN D … 09:31 Någonstans finns disketten med den lilla uppsatsen jag skrev för litteraturhistoria i Lund 1992… i Wang-format 09:53 Det var ett j-a kackel i kontoret just nu. Öppna planlösningar […]

Tweets for 2011-04-13

monthly meeting (@ Teleopti AB) 09:09 vrålhungrii (@ Restaurang Vernissage) 10:17 weird how the feel of this maroon Pilot G-2 pen is totally different from the black one 15:06 Looking for fun passages in Deuteronomy 19:31 What’s the biblical (KJV) “coney”? Turns out it’s a hyrax. It’s also unclean. 20:02 Nice, man kan […]

Tweets for 2011-04-12

So apparently the only thing that’s changed with the #NYTimes paywall is I can no longer navigate to another article from a Times article 09:35 But getting to the original article via RSS works fine. That’s nice #NYTimes, but I don’t think I’ll be signing up for the paywall right now 09:36 Gustaf Erikson’s Tumblr […]

Tweets for 2011-04-11

RT @kwasbeb: Nytt på Kwasblogg: Sjunken skönhet vid Södermälarstrand [FOTON] 09:28 waiting for the customer to join the webex 10:15 reminded the customer after 30 minutes waiting 10:32

Tweets for 2011-04-08

early lunch, need to patch a customer soon! (@ Forno Romano) 09:34 shouldn’t admit but I can still access #NYT content via RSS even though my 20 article limit has expired. Maybe they’ll “fix” this #paywall 19:24

Tweets for 2011-04-07

upgrading from a release from Oct… this is like navigating a minefield. 15:05 Who is more crazy, Charlie Sheen or Donald Trump? 16:36