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Tweets for 2011-05-31

DSK and Conspiracy Theory « Arthur Goldwag 13:23 I just ousted @makktrakker as the mayor of Oh Mama Mia on @foursquare! 15:44

Tweets for 2011-05-30

chillin’ (@ Henriksdalskajen) [pic]: 17:27

Tweets for 2011-05-29

RT @HarisAlisic: #SD vill inte irritera Ryssland. Synd att Hitler är borta för de hade inte velat irritera honom heller #svpol 18:43

Tweets for 2011-05-27

Har P4 Radio Stockholm något twitterflöde med trafikinfo? 15:18 New used lenses have arrived! Micro-Nikkor 55/3.5 and 105/2.5. Both older AI’d lenses. Both also pretty beat up, the 105 most of all 18:10

Tweets for 2011-05-26

RT @BrianDunning: I miss the good old days when “Palin” meant Michael. 20:23

Tweets for 2011-05-25

Denmark is OK with booze and smoking but #Marmite is TOO DANGEROUS – #bbc 09:19 RT @paulmutton: Surely a nsfw:// protocol handler would have been cheaper and more versatile than introducing .xxx domains 🙂 10:00 waiting for the horrific queues to subside, uploading some files for tomorrow’s patching #work 16:42

Tweets for 2011-05-22

spent a lot of money this weekend – new Koss headphones (w/ mic), 8gb CF card, 2 used Nikkors 18:22 Earth and other @UnlikelyWorlds: Our Fictionless Futures #SF 18:39 Creepy selection of macabre ex-libris prints (ex-librii?) 18:55

Tweets for 2011-05-21

Jason Scott of on #Facebook – Perceptive – FB is all about the NOW, there’s no past there #fb 09:47 How God is managing the 2011 rapture – The Oatmeal – obviously Windows is the Devil’s work! #fb 11:30 Colin Pantall’s blog: random conversations #2: Why don’t people like Salgado? #photog […]

Tweets for 2011-05-20

What Makes a Body Obscene? » Sociological Images #subrosa #breasts #fb 10:10 RT @nedbat: Answering a question in IRC, I accidentally invented “gloating point” math… 17:38 RT @SwedishSkeptics: Teolog vill ha en sund och balanserad lära om undergångsprofetior. 17:42 Kungen o maffian: it’s not the crime, it’s the coverup that gets you EVERYTIME […]

Tweets for 2011-05-19

Best takedown of #Bitcoin I’ve seen so far – Extra plus for being a useful #Quora answer! 15:23 #Bitcoin’s Collusion Problem | Bottom-up 15:54 Is #Bitcoin a bubble? — Marginal Revolution 15:55 Jerry Brito defends #Bitcoin — Marginal Revolution 15:55 The Underground Economist, Why #Bitcoin can’t be a currency 15:55 […]