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Tweets for 2011-06-30

finally arrived (@ Terminal 5) 22:57 of course the bus to the parking has stopped running #fuckingairports 23:13 on the plus side, finally full mobile internet again! #fuckyeahinternets 23:17

Tweets for 2011-06-29

last breakfast in Las Palmas (@ Hotel Santa Catalina) 08:53

Tweets for 2011-06-28

breakfast (@ Hotel Santa Catalina) 09:01

Tweets for 2011-06-27

relaxing in luxury (@ Hotel Santa Catalina) 16:40 hotel room balcony 16:53 wow that rum & coke totally sapped my energy 18:11 time to freshen up before dinner 18:20

Tweets for 2011-06-26

Home from road trip to Crocodile Park (@ Hotel Concorde) 15:40

Tweets for 2011-06-25

dinner (@ El Bodegòn De Vandama) 19:43

Tweets for 2011-06-24

great coffee (@ Gelato Italiano) 12:56

Tweets for 2011-06-23

yay, Hotel Concorde in Las Palmas has wifi in its rooms now #vacation 11:44

Tweets for 2011-06-22

Listening to fellow passengers on this flight to Oslo kvetch about the Greeks and their lazy ways #whitewhine 05:17

Tweets for 2011-06-20

I just ousted Hans K. as the mayor of Polisen on @foursquare! 08:18 Back from picking up Leo at Arlanda. Still undecided whether we’ll make it to London tomorrow 14:55 RT @bitcoinmedia: The Bitcoin Trials Continue: Mt. Gox Exchange Collapses Due To Compromised Account: It seems that Bitco… http://bit. … 14:56 Mt. Gox == […]