Tweets for 2011-07-22

  • doesn’t look like you can upgrade #FreeBSD from 7.2 to 7.4 using freebrd-update as it can’t find the correct public key 09:08
  • Hmm I used to have a little nifty character count in @ttytter but it’s gone after I upgraded Perl… is it an extension? 09:29
  • horrible Oslo explosion may have been mitigated by most employees being either on vacation or left for the day 15:49
  • unfortunately the #Oslo perpetrators had better luck than the poor schmuck who tried to attack Stockholm last winter 16:59
  • The Brilliance of Dwarf Fortress – – via #BoingBoing, both sad and encouraging story 19:18
  • RT @kwasbeb: Ser nu fram mot att Sverigedemokraterna ska presentera en åtgärd mot den norska terroristproblemet. 19:56
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