Tweets for 2011-07-23

  • what does it say about late-stage capitalism that there are at least 10 different “lorem ipsum” generators? #fb 16:10
  • #Norway shooter bears uncommon resemblance to everyone’s fav fugitive from justive Julian #Assange 16:11
  • #Norway shooter is member of Masonic lodge: conspiracy theorists, start your engines 16:13
  • interesting how UK websites variously call #Norway shooter “farmer” or “hunter”, instead of “rightwing nutjob” 16:38
  • As long as Wikipedia doesn’t say Amy #Winehouse is dead, she’s still officially alive 16:39
  • everyone is linking to #Sky news re: Winehouse, the site is not responding… shows what people are really interested in I guess 16:41
  • I’m tired of this #Norway stuff on Twitter, thank god everyone is talking about #Winehouse now! 16:53
  • obviously I missed a <sarcasm> tag in my previous tweet! 16:59
  • The Chain – read the About link to grok what it is #photog #fb 18:54
  • speculation #Norway shooter has read “The Turner Diaries” I think we can take that as a give 😛 19:09
  • song going heavy rotation on my iPhone right now: “Rebellion (Lies)” by Arcade Fire #betterlatethannever 20:29
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