Tweets for 2011-07-25

  • I think the best label for #Breivik isn’t “right-wing” or “fundamentalist” or even “anti-muslim”, but millenarian 06:53
  • Rightbloggers Discover the Real Victims of Norway Mass Murderer Breivik: Themselves – New York News – Runnin’ Scared 08:58
  • Norway Massacre: Anders Breivik’s Deadly Attack Fueled by Hatred of Women – The Daily Beast 09:01
  • I’m at Teleopti AB (Berga backe 2, Danderyd) 09:57
  • moving moment of silence #Utoya 10:04
  • Java installer install the Ask toolbar now? How low-rent is that? 10:25
  • I’m happy #Breivik hearings are behind closed doors, but I am curious about the fancy-dress uniform he’s reportedly designed himself 11:55
  • Min venn Anders – Norge – NRK Nyheter | an old classmate to #Breivik writes about him in Norwegian 13:21
  • The Gates of Oslo – – some good discussions in the comments. Don’t agree 100% with @amendlocke here though 17:55
  • det stinker i Sjöstaden ikväll 18:36
  • RT @Dodsmaskinen: “Borgerligheten flörtar med rasisterna”. Min debattartikel som publicerades i Uppsalademokraten. 19:08
  • as if #Breivik hasn’t done enough to piss Norwegian’s off, he killed the crown princess’ step-bro on #Utoya. 19:42
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