Tweets for 2011-08-08

  • TIL that grappa and marc are pomace brandies. Also that pisco was developed as an alternative to one 08:39
  • Economics of Contempt: On S&P, Downgrades, and Idiots – awesome smackdown of S&P. Via Krugman 12:46
  • “Dow Jones”… more like “Down Jones”, amirite? As in down to Davey Jones’ locker #doomed 13:59
  • worth noting though, stock market != entire economy. Stuff like interest rates and consumer confidence way more important 14:06
  • of course those metrics are crap too so… #doomed 14:07
  • RT @Dodsmaskinen: Byter man ut bögarna mot borgarna i Grotescos låt “Bögarnas fel” så stämmer det mesta faktiskt. 14:29
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