Tweets for 2011-09-07

  • Cryptocurrency – Technology Review || great article about the inherent contradictions in #Bitcoin 07:49
  • Mentioning #Bitcoin is sure way of getting Bitcoin-related accounts to follow you. At least they’re not pornbots 09:29
  • Artifact – Personal Ads From an Ayn Rand Fan Dating Site || “Forever alone” as a philosophical statement #lol #fb 10:06
  • Amused that it’s 6 years after 2005, and people online are still bitching about Dave Winer’s shitty XML formats 19:51
  • BBC News – A Point of View: The revolution of capitalism || Capitalism destroys the middle class #politics #fb 20:10
  • I used to mock Twitter’s email notification of replies and DM’s but now I realise they’re pretty useful. Email really never dies, does it? 20:48
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