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New design of the main blog

I’ve updated the design of the new blog, based on the design of this one 🙂 What I did was use the most excellent sandbox theme and use the generated HTML as a template for my blosxom installation. That left me with much cleaner markup, making it easier to tweak the CSS as needed. Advertisements

Testing Performancing

Performancing is a Firefox extension for blog editing. Seems to work fine with, less so with BXR on blosxom. OK, now testing editing an existing post… Sweet, works great.

Automatic posting from

I’m trying out a feature from where your daily links are automatically posted to your site. This will make this blog less of a ghost blog, assuming it works.

test blog post

This is a test of writely.

Emergency blog launched

I’m having problems with my usual blog, so I’m using this stopgap to keep on blogging. I decided on as I’ve used WP before and I’m pretty familiar with the interface. I was kinda hoping that I could use Markdown as a plugin, but it doesn’t look like I can. This is pretty suboptimal, […]