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daily twitter dumps

Tweets for 2011-09-21

R.E.M. were still togther? Methinks this “breakup” is simply a smart move to sell records from the back catalog 20:50

Tweets for 2011-09-20

Gordon Ramsay’s dwarf pr0n double dead in badget sett was a hoax. Didn’t see that coming 18:49

Tweets for 2011-09-19

Today is Talk like a Pirate Day. Every day is Download like a Pirate Day. #arrr 16:59 The ‘Violent Muslim’ Hysteria Goes Much Deeper Than You’d Believe | Danger Room | 18:47

Tweets for 2011-09-17

RT @markov_bible: And Jacob said to Arioch the captain of the hand of the north. By the blast of God which is in pain, we have waited fo … 12:20 RT @kazarnowicz: En fin sak med att känna @gunderhaegg är att han delar med sig av läsvärda saker även analogt. Handskrivet! ❤ http: … 18:55

Tweets for 2011-09-16

RT @KaptenUsling: Fick svar från Twitter. Ett ganska tydligt sådant. @kungahuset är tillbaka. 07:38 Hah, turned out when I started linking tweets to my WP blog I included stuff like timestamps. 2 more months of tweets available! 08:56 Commiting the cardinal sin of parsing HTML with regexps #unclean #perl 11:49 Fuck yeah new #Archer episode! […]

Tweets for 2011-09-15

Nice, I was able to extend my loan of the The Crippled God – 4 more weeks to get through it! #malazan 09:18 Using the awesome powers of #perl, I have backed up all my tweets back until Feb 2010. After that I can’t get to them though #nerd 13:20 ah maybe I should RTFM […]

Tweets for 2011-09-14

RT @janole: Wow! RT @nokia: Now shipping: #Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 with #Belle! Check with your nearest retailer for more info. 08:01

Tweets for 2011-09-13

liten test, bara att ignorera #räksmörgås 11:09 How come Google #Wave gets to die and that useless waste of server space #Buzz lives? #unfair 17:05

Tweets for 2011-09-12

Switched the default font of the Windows console to Consolas. Ah, the relief! Is there any worse font than the horrible default? 08:43 Får inte en ersättare till min 5 år gamla jobbdator, men väl ett nytt batteri #alltidnågot #fb 10:07 Erry day I’m hustlin’ and lovin’ @TTYtter as my Twitter client 10:21 Listening through […]

Tweets for 2011-09-11

Björklund: “Vi förlorar inflytande genom att stå utanför Euron” – inflytande att göra om 30-talets ekonomiska misstag, mao #fb 15:57 Reinfeldt gör rätt i att vänta med folkomröstning – sätter jämna pengar att Euron inte är kvar om 5 år – i alla fall inte med 17 länder med 15:58 Happy 9-11 everyone! Oh, wait… […]